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Glass Pockets by Curley Mill Studio

Curley Mill Studio, a family art business, has been creating work in a mix of mediums since 1996.

Their "Glass Pocket" collection features fused glass wall vases which are available online, in select galleries,

and at over 20 art & craft shows a year in the Northeast and Florida. 


     Each vase is cut, designed, and assembled by hand. It is then then fired in a glass kiln to seal the edges, making it watertight ~ perfect for fresh flowers! Customers also enjoy using the vases for silk and dried flowers, bamboo, rooting plants, holding herbs, feathers, even shell collections. 

Every vase is carefully packed and guaranteed watertight.


A delightful combination of functional art and contemporary design, 

each hand-crafted glasspocket is one of a kind.


Curley Mill Studio is owned and operated by David and Corrina Leidy, KCAI graduates.


For paintings by Corrina Leidy visit 

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